2 Main Reasons Why You Need To Have Health Insurance

2 Main Reasons Why You Need To Have Health InsuranceIf you are immune to all kinds of diseases and feel will remain healthy until the end of life, then obviously you do not need health insurance. For the immune, buying health insurance is simply a waste of money. But where the man is immune to sickness? Hmm … I do not think there is.

If you are currently in good health, then you should be grateful. If you have never tasted inpatient hospital from childhood until today was good. But who can guarantee you will continue to do so, is not it?

Health insurance is a product designed specifically for the protection of human health that can befall anytime. As a service of protection, of course there is a price to be paid to acquire it.

From among the many reasons why everyone needs health insurance, two most important are:

1. No man is immune to the disease throughout his life

2. Health care costs continue to rise each year

The wise man said, if you lose money then you lose “a little”, but if you lose your health then you lose “a lot”. For the healthy, wanted what was fair and humane. But for the sick, the only one who wants only to quickly recover and be able to return to work as usual.

Health insurance makes the above statement be slightly reduced ‘spicy’, because by having a good health insurance, so if the pain hit, you do not need to spend your possessions to pay the cost of hospital care because the insurance company will pay it for you.

Of course, choosing the type of health insurance and the ceiling is very important if you want to obtain maximum protection. If you are already well protected by health insurance from your office, then you no longer need additional health insurance. But if that was not enough or even you have not protected at all, then the option to buy life insurance is something that is wise.

The cost of expensive health care costs and rising continuously over time is another major reason why you need to buy health insurance. Remember that the insurance buying “big money” with “little money”, so the cost of the premium that is negligible compared to the cost of the hospital which God forbid expensive, then you transfer all the risk of losing money due to the sickness insurance company.

Nowadays, there are many types of life insurance products circulating in the community. Almost all of them have advantages and disadvantages of each, so you must be smart in choosing right. Even so, no one is certain: buy life insurance when you are still healthy and not get sick. For all insurance companies would never want to sell to people who are already sick.

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