Exceptions Life Insurance

Exceptions Life InsuranceIn life insurance, life insurance there are various exceptions to cancel an insurance contract. Well, as a customer, you’ll want to learn this exception in order to understand how insurance works right.

So, let’s learn a variety of exceptions in the following life insurance is generally accepted:

1. Suicide – The whole act of suicide or attempted suicide by the insured, either in a state of conscious sane or prohibited in certain time of the age of the policyholder. Some companies impose a time of 1, 2 or 3 years. That is, if suicide is done before the passing of the policy as agreed in the terms, then the claim life insurance money will not be paid. Once beyond this time frame, then the act of suicide can be claimed.

2. Follow the crime or attempted crime committed by interested parties in the policy as the heirs or beneficiaries will not be covered by insurance.

3. The death penalty is based on a court decision.

Meanwhile, there are various exceptions also for claims with additional rider benefits, including most importantly the cash Hospital. Exceptions are usually different for one insurance company to another insurance company, but in general, the exceptions are as follows:

1. All types of diseases that have received advice or treatment from a physician within a specified period (usually 1-3 years) are not covered by hospital cash.

2. Measures of plastic and cosmetic surgery

3. All kinds of dental care unless caused by the accident.

4. Donor organ or tissue

5. Operation sex change

6. Treatment related to pregnancy

7. Treatment derived from congenital defects

8. The treatment is only intended to perform diagnostics such as medical check-up

9. Care for attempted suicide

10. The treatment is associated with obesity or weight gain

11. Abuse of drugs and alcohol

12. Assignment of the military or police

13. Treatment for sexually transmitted diseases

14. The exercise due professional care such as race

15. Care for the nuclear reaction

16. Treatment of being involved in a fight that is not to defend themselves

17. Care for elderly or geriatric

18. Treatment in connection with mental disabilities conducted in a psychiatric hospital

19. Treatment for HIV

20. Various other exceptions listed in the policy issued by an insurance company.

In conclusion, the insurance function to protect us is not without limits. By having insurance does not mean that we can act and behave as good as our own. A wise thing if we study carefully the various types of life insurance exclusions listed in the insurance policy that we have to avoid misguided.

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